Orthopedics International Portfolio


Orthopedics International (OI) encompasses over 100 plus years of effective, high value orthopedic consulting and distribution experience. The OI focus on orthopedic efficiencies assures our clients significant, margin-enhancing savings. OI provides solutions for unnecessarily expensive orthopedic physician preference items (PPI) that are frequently no longer patent protected.

The OI approach provides orthopedic consulting and regulatory guidance services. As new laws and regulations impose diminished profit margins, OI provides a cost-effective method to achieve PPI cost reduction, physician engagement and operating efficiencies, with zero reduction in quality of care.

ImplantDirect: a provider-based, direct-from-manufacturing program that significantly reduces cost and increases value. The hospital/system becomes a member and purchases its implants directly, as based on hospital/system needs and goals. Your institution can expect to reduce its implant cost per case by 30% to 60%, compared to national group purchasing organizations and locally negotiated contracts.

Additionally we provide clinical support to your orthopedic surgeons and staff. Our Assigned Account Managers (AAMs) provide effective, ongoing education that includes clinical and logistic support for a cost-efficient transformation of the orthopedic preference items.

We also provide at no additional cost to our members, a comprehensive, ongoing mentoring program for your orthopedic and logistical team. By supporting and educating orthopedic physicians and related staff, your institution takes a major, immediate step toward standardization, significantly increasing profit margins.

Reducing orthopedic costs, standardizing delivery and incentivising physician participation is our goal. To maximize the likelihood of margin-enhancing cost reduction, while preserving quality of care, full physician engagement is imperative.

OI provides regulatory guidance with our network partners. We provide co-management opportunities with gain-sharing advantages, based on quality and performance metrics, that creates immediate incentives to your orthopedic physicians. Typically your orthopedic physicians enter into a co-management agreement with the hospital and participate in a gain share. Co-management /gain-sharing agreements are solely between the physicians and the hospital; our regulatory and consulting partners can provide guidance and templates for compliance considerations.

In summary, this is a cost-effective and cost-efficient program to reduce unnecessary PPI costs, maintain quality and align physician/hospital directions and goals.