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Is surgeon training provided with this program?
Absolutely, we have a surgeon proctor program available as well as hands-on as requested.

What’s the cost of your knee implant?
On average we can guarantee a 25% to 60% reduction in real cost of your knee implant compared to any national GPO.

Are your knee implants FDA approved?
Yes our knee system is FDA approved. It has a 20 year clinical history and is manufactured in the United States.

How do you provide service without a commissioned sales rep?
Your facility is assigned an account manager who is available 24 hours a day.

What’s the timeframe for getting started?
There is a 30 day ramp up where we train your clinical and logistics staff in-house.

Is this program designed for knee implants only?

How comprehensive is the clinical training?
Your team leader will be provided ongoing clinical training just as every experienced manufacturers rep enjoys at no cost.